Our Products:

We are best known for our Mediterranean fine food range; Our capers and caperberries range is one of the largest available with the widest selection of grades in the UK.
For more information about capers (click here).

The Spanish Olives in the range are of the finest quality and sourced from groves in Andalusia, available in tins or tubs and a variety of grades. Our high quality Bowes Hill olive oils are pressed from the finest Hojiblanca olives harvested in Southern Spain.

Spanish Pickles, including silverskin onions, chillies, peppercorns, gherkins, garlic and banderillas offer a tasty and colourful selection to choose from.

Mediterranean vegetables we can offer artichokes, roasted red peppers and sundried tomatoes to name but a few. Many of our products are used in Tapas dishes, a Spanish tradition particularly in Southern Spain. To learn more about Tapas and what it means (click here)

To make the finest salad dressings, you need the finest oils and vinegars. Choose from our superb olive oil, wine and balsamic vinegars. Other products in the range include lemon juice, pesto, wild flower honey and spices and Japanese soy sauces